Modeling and Identification of Supply Chains on Subspace Basis

  • T. Vadvári
  • P. Várlaki
Keywords: subspace identification, queuing models, supply chains, modeling


Logistical processes play crucial role in many systems where the resources
as well as tasks related to them are to be organized or scheduled in order to
increase the throughput of the system, thus the rate of servicing demands. In
this paper let us focus on loading systems and supply chains which represent
a specific type of logistical processes. In order to increase the throughput of a
loading system, delays caused by its certain subsystems are to be minimized.
In our previous studies we have already shown how loading systems can
be identified on subspace basis and how the relation between its certain
parameters can be characterized. In contrast this paper is aimed to show
trough examples how system delays affect the efficiency of subspace based
identification applied on loading systems.
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Transportation Science, Logistics and Agricultural Engineering